hojas de registro, lista de cotejo

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    I am new to the forum and looking for help with the following terms:

    hojas de registro
    lista de cotejo

    Both appear in a sequence enumerating different instruments to collect and measure data in a research study. The text deals with research methodology. I have "comparative study" for lista de cotejo, but I am not sure that's exactly right. "Hojas de registro" seem to be documents that gather data, but I can't seem to find the exact term that best describes them.
    Any help will be most appreciated.
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    Hi Pirozhka, welcome to the forum.

    I suggest "checklist" for "lista de cotejo," as already given in this thread. It's usually spelled as one word.
    As for "hoja de registro," it could be a "log sheet," "tally sheet," or "data log sheet;" the last definition is suggested at the end of this thread.
    (Remember to look for previous threads before asking a question (Rule 1)).
  3. Pirozhka New Member

    Thank you so much frida-nc! I did do a search before asking, but I realize now I did not do it correctly and looked in the wrong place. But I learned how to do it next time, thank you!

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