Hol a konyakos üveg, Lestrade?

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    I have a question about a sentence I found in Hunglish corpus.

    "Hol a konyakos üveg, Lestrade?" and this is translated as ""Here, Lestrade, your brandy-bottle!"

    Shouldn't it be "Where's the bottle of brandy, Lestrade?"
    Am I missing something here?
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    You are absolutely right. It seems to be a literary "free translation".

    "The brute!" cried Holmes. "Here, Lestrade, your brandy-bottle! Put her in the chair! She has fainted from ill-usage and exhaustion."

    - A vadállat! - kiáltott fel Holmes. - Hol a konyakos üveg, Lestrade? Ültesse a székbe a hölgyet! Elájult... Nem csoda, ennyi kínzás és ennyi gyötrődés után...

    It may be that they want the brandy to reduce their excitement/stress after finding out something. It's still not clear from here what they exactly want with the bottle (who should give it to whom). You can read a bigger context to find out:

    English: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/masterpiece/hound/tg_hound_14.html
    Hungarian: http://mek.oszk.hu/01700/01718/01718.rtf‎
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  3. NagyKiss Senior Member

    Thanks, this corpus should be used with caution then:)

    Always forget to ask this - how do Hungarians pronounce personal names? Lestrade is written as is, so do you pronounce it like Lashtrawde?))))
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