Hola, amor, buen día

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  1. tlfeher Member

    can anyone translate?

    Hola amor buen dia, como amanecio el mas guapo de todos los Business Administrations? jajaja

    hoy cuando me desperte vi las rosas, se pusieron mas lindas, son las primeras que me has regaldo que padre no ?

    oye corazon, me da pena decirtelo pero no me queda otro remedio, el lunes te envie por estafeta una cajita con un pequeño detalle y se suponia que llegaba ayer a las 3 de la tarde y no llego, me da mucha pena que haya pasado eso, pero pues ya no estubo en mis manos, sorry

    esppero que llegue ahorita en el transcurso de la mañana ok?

    besitos, que tengas un buen dia y sonrie mucho
  2. aurilla Senior Member

    Puerto Rico
    Am Eng/PR Spanish
    Hello love good day, how did the most handsome of all the business administrations (sic) wake up this morning? Hahahaha

    today when I woke I saw the roses, they've gotten so pretty, they are the first you've given me it's great, don't you think? (que padre = mexican expression)

    listen darling, it makes me sad to have to tell you but I have to,on monday I'm sending you via 'estafeta' (have no idea what this means, again, Mexican) a little box with a little something y it's supposed to to arrive yesterday at 3 p.m. and it didn't, it saddens me that this happened, but, well it was out of my control, sorry

    I'm hoping it arrives soon during the morning ok?
  3. tlfeher Member

    she's retarded.
    thanks for translating though.
    (this is a guy who just told me last Friday "no, there's not one else, I can tell you that." Just a little background.)

    oops, I meant "there's no one else".

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