1. Zelda New Member

    USA, English
    I am trying to learn Spanish but can't find reference to the word "Chula" besides "arrogant" ... Someone wrote to me "Hola Chula" and I don't think arrogant is what he meant...
  2. VenusEnvy

    VenusEnvy Senior Member

    Maryland, USA
    English, United States
    This is what a Spanish-speaker told me:
    When you call a guy "chulo" is means what you mentioned. It can also be simply a playful name.
    When said to a girl, "chula" means cute, or pretty.

    Can a native clear this up for us?
  3. jess oh seven

    jess oh seven Senior Member

    UK/US, English
    from how i've heard it used, "chula" can mean something like neat/pretty/cute
  4. dexterciyo

    dexterciyo Senior Member

    Español - Canarias
    Yeah, that's right. In that case I guess it means like cutie, beautiful..."hot stuff", lol
    If you say that it can be taken as a funny sentence or maybe, depending on her mood, wrongly misinterpreted, since in Spain we don't use that word in that context. But in any way is understandable.

    Cheers ;)!!
  5. Mita

    Mita Senior Member

    Chile - Español
    In Chile, chulo(a) means vulgar, a person who is of lower class. But I know in Mexico chula means pretty (I don't know if it is used in other countries).
    I think in this case the meaning is pretty, of course. ;)
    I hope that helps.
  6. Reili Banned

    ESPAÑOL México
    It can be everything all foreros have said about cuttie, honey... but also can works as a noun being a kind way to refer a woman in Mexico. For example if you are in a mexican traditional market (no that modern malls) each man or woman who sells fruits, vegetables and meat will try to catch your attention calling you: "Güera"(blonde), "Güerita"(diminutive), "Chula", "Chulita(diminutive)". Such diminutives ways soften the noun to sounds kinder.

  7. solecito

    solecito Senior Member

    México Español
    Hi Zelda; "¡Hola chula!" In México it is used as a flatering way of saying hello to a girl, and sometimes joking(or if your are flirting with him) you might say it to a guy,("¡Hola chulo!) it just means "good looking" even if the person is not good looking, so I would translate as: "Hello good looking!".
    There are some times when "Chulo" is called a man who prostitutes women( but that it is not widely used in my area, we called those men "Padrotes") In no way it means "Arrogant",at least not here.
    Other words in spanish that mean the same are:
    "Guapa(o)" " Bonita", here I must say no man likes to be called "Bonito", for this is refered mainly to things or maybe gays, and they will always answer to this by saying "Los hombres no son bonitos, somos guapos o feos pero no bonitos"

    Así que ¡adiós chula!
  8. Reili Banned

    ESPAÑOL México
    Also you can say


    And someone could say to a girl:

    ¡no, chulis!
    ¡no, chulita!

    in this cases chulis and chulita have the meaning of "(female) buddy"

    Also can work as an pejorative.
  9. solecito

    solecito Senior Member

    México Español
    Good one Reili,but what in the world is "pejorative" please ¡ilustrame!
  10. Reili Banned

    ESPAÑOL México
    Reclamando la actitud de una mujer y manifestándole desprecio

    Cómo ves a la chulita ésta, ¿pues qué se ha creído?
  11. beatrizg Senior Member

    Athens, Greece
    Colombia, Spanish

    Queria contarles que al menos en Colombia, no se debe llamar "chula/chulo" a una persona. Aunque no es un termino que se use como insulto, suena despectivo.

    Lamento no poder usar acentos.
  12. nanel Senior Member

    Madrid (Spain)
    Spain (Spanish)
    Solecito: Pejorative significa peyorativo. Al menos aquí, en España algo peyorativo es algo negativo. Es un poco complicado de explicar, pero cuando algo se puede usar en el sentido peyorativo significa que se puede usar en el sentido malo de la palabra, en el hiriente o el "insultante", en realidad no tanto como insultante, pero algo así. Me explico fatal, ya lo sé.:eek:
  13. solecito

    solecito Senior Member

    México Español
    ¡Ahhhhh! Siento que una luz cae sobre mi cerebro. Ya entiendo. Aquí también tenemos otra palabra por el estilo, no estoy segura que sea derrogativo, tal vez alguien me pueda ayudar y además me daré a la tarea de tratar de recordarla. ¡Gracias otra vez nanel!:)


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