1. cucus Senior Member

    Spain spanish
    Hi, how can I say "hola niño" to a friend? I'd like to be sweet but not as daring as "hi baby". In Spain we use it a lot, it's more like "Hola niño, qué tal, qué haces?" -- "hi ..., what are you up to?"
  2. vignette Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    Hey boy!
    Hey man!
    Hey love!
  3. rosario_tijeras New Member

    USA English
    You could say "Hey cutie," or "Hey you." Both can be flirty if you say them in the right tone, and neither is too over the top.
  4. cucus Senior Member

    Spain spanish
    I quite like "hey you"! because I'd like to say it to a friend that I like...so hey love is too abvious! and hey man too impersonal.
    Thanks a lot!
  5. cucus Senior Member

    Spain spanish
    Ah! but is "hey you" the same as "hiya"?? then, I may use "hey cutie" if I like him... :)
  6. SmallJosie Senior Member

    Puedes decir:

    Hi there


    Hi gorgeous (eso lo digo mucho yo).
  7. mandaline32 Member

    "Hey there" or "hey you" are good, very neutral and cute
    I wouldn't say "hi cutie" or "gorgeous" unless I was dating someone...I'm not that bold I guess!
  8. cucus Senior Member

    Spain spanish
    Jajaja ok! thanks! today I'll say "hey there"!
  9. Lagartija

    Lagartija Senior Member

    Western Massachusetts
    English, USA
    Or.... Hi kiddo! What's up?! (Somewhat old-fashioned)
    ....... Hey Dude! What's up?! (More modern)
  10. Snubby

    Snubby Senior Member

    "Hey, big guy" is casual and flattering ("big"), without being overtly flirtatious. It can be used for little boys up to adult male acquaintances (regardless of how physically "big" they really are), and it can be said by men or women.
  11. rosario_tijeras New Member

    USA English
    Tone and inflection would probably play a big role here. If you make it sound flirtatious, that is the impression you'll give off. "Hiya" has a more friendly connotation; "hey you" seems more personal to me.

    Y buena suerte con el chico!
  12. cucus Senior Member

    Spain spanish
    Jajaja thanks! the problem was because is not with tone at all. It's by text! but I say to him "hola niño" in spanish sometimes, as he already knows that's special*
    So my advice to everybody is to mix your language with his/her language, it makes everything nice and interesting! He/she will like to know more about you because at the same time he/she will learn another language!
    Thanks and take care!

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