hold a charge


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Canada, French/Français

Pourrez-vous SVP m'aider à traduire la phrase suivante:

The batteries won't hold a charge

Mon essai:

Les piles ne veulent pas tenir un/le courant

Is "tenir" the right word to use in this context?

Thanks in advance
  • Tenir isn't the right translation for hold in this case. Unfortunately, I can't think of a similar word in French to say to hold a charge for a battery. The only thing that comes to mind is:
    Les batteries ne restent pas chargées. (the batteries can't stay charged)

    Also, pile = the small batteries that one buys in a supermarket for a cd player (like Duracel batteries). For a laptop, a cellphone, a car, etc. (any equipment that comes with a special battery), use the word batterie.