hold an ace, making the winning hand if you hold a king


Because of the next phrases related to poker(a game that I don't know): hold an ace, making the winning hand if you hold a king; I dont understand the part that is in bigger letters

This is good. I myself study to retake GRE and apply for Ph.D. at some point. Despite industry careers not formally requiring doctorates, more industry jobs implicitly require it. Think of it like a poker game: if you hold an ace, you generally have a better chance of making the winning hand than if you hold a king.
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    An ace is a higher-value card than a king. So if you hold an ace (have one in your "hand" of cards), you have a better chance of winning than if the highest card you hold is a king. This is a very simplistic statement used just for illustration. It doesn't take into account your other cards at all -- two 2's (the lowest-value card) will beat one ace, for example.

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    This is a common poker expression, "I'm holding an Ace of hearts as a kicker." The expression has found its way into every day speech. Suppose that two companies submit identical bids for a job. If one company is able to make deliveries a week sooner than the other, that ability would likely get them the job. It would be their kicker.
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