hold/ behold/ beholden


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I'd like to know the difference between these 3-words:
hold / behold / beholden.

Thanks in advance.
  • Muwahid

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    All very different words

    Hold - to hold something in your hands (يمسك)

    Behold! - I would equate it to something like ها أو ان
    ان الله مع الصابرين
    ها هي دولتكم

    Beholden - Obligated to do something a person is beholden to someone (indebted to them, owes them, etc) I don't hear this too often in American English anyway. We would just say indebted; don't know the Arabic equivalent.


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    To me "behold" is an archaic word, and survives only in some fixed expressions like "lo and behold!" and "a sight to behold". So it's not something that we would collocate freely with other words, and not something we'd say in everyday life anyway.

    If I'm not mistaken, Arabic grammarians are of the opinion that inna/anna has verbal force ("look at this!") and that's why the noun that follows inna/anna has to be in the manSuub. So in this respect we can link inna with "behold", but of course "behold" is a real verb in English.


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    Thanks Muwahid,

    So when I say: You behold, that means ها أنت ?:cross:
    No, like that it makes no sense. Like Ghabi said behold is mostly archaic or high literary speech, reserved for certain set phrases.
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