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Hi. Here's the context. I hand over someone a map. Then I tell him to...

Question: What is the difference between "hang onto it" and "hold it"?

My guess is that "hang onto it" is a generic "hold it". Whereas "hold it" is a bit more specific in that it suggests to not only hold the map, but to hold it steadily.

Am I correct?

  • lian.alon22

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    "I hand over someone a map." should be "I hand someone a map". You made it too complicated. :)

    Hang onto it and hold it are virtually the same thing. I wouldn't say that hold it has anything to do with how to hold the map, it's just less common. Most people in everyday speech would say "hang onto it", though I'm not sure why.


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    To me, "hang onto it" in this context means that the person should keep the map with him. "Hold it" in thst context means to me that the person should hold the map in their hands. "Hold onto it" and "hang onto it", though, would mean exactly the same thing to me - to keep the map with him and be responsible for it.