hold oneself to a lower standard of conduct

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Hi, what does the sentence in bold mean?

"In theory at least, it would therefore become less acceptable to give preference to compatriots and hold oneself to a lower standard of conduct toward foreigners." (Appiah, Horta, Cosmopolitanisms)

Could it be translated as: to consider yourself to be in a lower standard of conduct in relation to foreigners. That means, the way I act is worse than the way foreigners act. That means, I consider myself to be in a lower standing in relation to foreigners in terms of standard of conduct.

Or could it mean to treat foreigners badly, lower my standards of conduct towards foreigners and treat them badly?

Am I right?

Thank you!
  • misch1516

    It means the second translation that you propose -- it means to allow yourself to treat foreigners worse than you would treat your compatriots.

    The phrase "conduct towards someone" means how you treat that person.
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