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Lorena Maria

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I am translating an informational flyer for parents of pre-school children entitled: "A Good Pre-School Student Who is Ready for Learning to Read Can:" ("Un buen alumno pre-escolar que está listo para aprender a leer puede:")

I'm having trouble with translating the phrase "hold a book upright, turning one page at a time."

I'm not sure if there is a good translation for "hold upright". I'm thinking of paraphrasing - something like "agarrar un libro correctamente en las manos, dando vuelta a las pájinas uno por uno."

Any other ideas?
  • Lynne Gleghorn Brown

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    Well, in any case, chick boo, the word would be "erguido" from the verb erguir and as you can see from the definition of the RAE:
    (Del lat. erigĕre).

    1. tr. Levantar y poner derecho algo, especialmente el cuello o la cabeza.
    2. prnl. Levantarse o ponerse derecho.
    3. prnl. Engreírse, ensoberbecerse.erguir.
    (Del lat. erigĕre).

    I suppose you could use it and not be wrong but I think I prefer "mantener derecho" in this case. This, however, just a personal opinion
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