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    Chilean Spanish
    Hello people,
    I'm translating a text about bill of lading and I'm not sure in the meaning/translation of the word "holdership". Can somebody explain me the meaning and give me a correct Spanish translation for that?

    Both alternatives – bills of lading and sea-waybills - are nowadays “translated” into electronic
    formats of different kind. In addition to the generally applicable rules on electronic commerce,
    these new electronic trading methods require much broader regulation in the scope of
    transportation, since these electronic equivalents are not just bilateral messages, but will be
    relied on by third parties; in cases of negotiable “documents”, all the rights vested in the​
    “holdership” of the original message will have to be legally transferred from one party to the other in the course of the performance of their trade and sales contract".

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  2. javigiordano

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    Chilean Spanish
    ooh, I forgot to ask also any help for the word "sea-waybills" from the first line, because I'm not sure what it is.
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    Good Morning everybody! After five years!

    Holdership = Titularidad
    Sea waybill = Documento de Embarque Marítimo

    Hope this helps!

  4. k-in-sc

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    For "sea waybill," I'm seeing "carta de porte marítima."
    A waybill is a non-negotiable receipt issued after receipt of the goods by the carrier. It is clearly marked "non-negotiable". It is usually employed in the container trade for normal shipments with consent of the shipper who does not insist on being issued a negotiable bill of lading. It is not a document of title, so that delivery of the goods shipped is made, not by presentation of a document, but by the consignee nominated on the waybill identifying himself. Only one original waybill is usually issued to the shipper. Although it is not a document of title, it is a contract of carriage. ...
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    Latinamerican Spanish
    holdership: titularidad (distinto a ownership que se traduciría como propiedad) en algunos casos son sinónimos pero no viene al caso distinguir en este hilo...
    sea waybill: "carta de porte marítima" coincido con k-in-sc. Si "Bill of Lading" lo traduciríamos como "Carta de Porte" me parece muy pertinente aclarar que el transporte cuya carga se ampara en esa Carta de Porte es por vía marítima...

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