Holding pee position


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Hello everyone.
How do you call the typical body position adopted when one's holding his/her own pee?
I'm talking about the stereotypical posture with your knees together and your hand in front of you.
Thank you.
  • owlman5

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    Hello, G14. As far as I know, there is no special name for this. If you want to describe it, you have to use something like the phrase that you used: She was holding her knees together as though she needed to pee.


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    While this is not a quite accurate use of the word “incontinence”, I rather like it:

    Her body language suggested an ongoing battle of her willpower against incontinence. For the time being willpower is yet in command—but perhaps not for long.


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    Nor have I.
    Nor me, but googling shows it does exist.

    She was looking desperate, standing with her legs crossed. I don't know what men do.

    We hop about from one foot to the other, crossing and uncrossing our legs, (plaiting and unplaiting them?), mumbling, muttering and cursing the occupant of the toilet to hurry it up!

    Hermione Golightly

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    I thought men always had all the toilets. There was a lovely moment at the Lincoln Center NYC when there was a great long queue of women and a lot of desperate leg crossing, while the men trotted in and out, until one woman cried 'Fuck this!' and went into the men's.
    They aren't plaited or braided, the legs are simply squeezed together (and person hunched over a bit). And of course kids are known for 'dancing' around a bit in these circumstances.

    I think perhaps the fingers can be 'plaited' because they have lots of joints. The legs, not so much!