holding the paintbrush with/on/in her mouth


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Dear friends, I'd like to know what can be the most appropriate use of the prepositions for this writing context:
My friend has an amazing talent, she paints excellent pictures only holding the paintbrush with her mouth because she hasn't hands.
Would it be better to use:
Possibility 2: "....only by holding the paintbrush on her mouth"
P3: "...only holding the paintbrush in her mouth"
P4: "....only by holding the paintbrush with her mouth"
Do you think that depends on the intention of the writer? Are there any rules or all are possible? Thanks for your suggestions!:)
Also, I'm not sure about "she hasn't hands"..Maybe it'd be better to write: "She hasn't got hands" or "she doesn't have hands"
Thanks a lot!

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    I would drop the word 'only' and say ...by holding the paintbrush with her mouth. (or perhaps between her teeth)
    You could say 'in her mouth' but to some that suggests that it is totally inside her mouth.
    'On her mouth' is wrong.

    I prefer - ...because she has no hands rather than saying 'hasn't'.
    Your last two ideas are correct.
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