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Spanish México.
Hi to all:
I need your help in a word that I need to understand for translating into Spanish a document of my work.
The word is: Holdings, in the following context:

Dear Sears Holdings Vendor or Factory Partner:

The operating companies under Sears Holdings Management Corporation ("Sears Holdings") have had a formal Labor Compliance Human Rights program to help ensure that merchandise vendors and factories adhere to the requirements of the Sears Buying Policy.

In this context I understand Holdings like Commitment or even Obligations, but I am not entirely sure or it could a whole name of this company and would not be necessary to translate it. Could you please help me?

Thanks in advance
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    I believe "Holdings" in this context means what Sears holds or has in their corporate possession -- such as subsidiary companies or assets. But that is just general information and you would need to know what the company considers their holdings if you need an exact translation -- however, I would be surprised if there isn't a pretty standard word in Spanish for this common business title. Perhaps you can look for other companies with "Holdings" in their names and see how they were translated. You should consider asking this in the Spanish forum.


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    Yes, Copyright is exactly right. Holdings are subsidiaries and assets (including, in addition to facilities and equipment, real estate, stocks, and other investments) of the Sears Holdings Management Corporation.


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    Spanish México.
    Thank you, Im not sure yet, I will try the Eng-Spa Forum.
    Thanks anyway
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