holistic martial artist

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    I agree with the responses here - I don't think the term works unless it is explained. Holistic generally doesn't refer to the number of similar elements in one thing (width); rather, it refers to the number of disparate elements in one thing (depth).
    If I were a martial artist who knew Kalari ppayattu, Aikido, Bushido, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Muay Thai, and Kung Fu, that doesn't make me holistic. If I knew only one form, but I brought into my practice breathing, meditation, anatomy, kinesiology, music, nutrition, written practices, painting, yoga, language, and service, that would be a holistic practice.
    I hope it's helpful.


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    If I read this I would assume that they also practiced some form of Westernized alternative healing practice as noted above. As a buzzword, that's what this generally means.

    It doesn't mean versatile. If you do downhill skiing, jumping, cross country and snowboarding that doesn't make you a holistic skier.
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