Holly Jolly Christmas

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  1. scouseland Senior Member

    Do you know what would be the meaning of Holly here?

    Ten una feliz navidad?

  2. miss Beth

    miss Beth Senior Member

    Spanish and Catalan

    Here's my try: "Joviales Sagradas Navidades"
  3. FromPA

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    The phrase ¨have a holly, jolly Christmas¨comes from a Christmas song sung by Burl Ives from the 1950´s or 1960´s. Holly refers to a Christmas wreath, and it doesn´t make any real sense in this lyric other than that it rhymes with Jolly.

    Here´s something from a prior thread on the word holly:
    Wreath holly, well if wreath means "corona" and holly "acebo" I have come to this conclusion : A Wreath holly is a sort of arrangement in the shape of a circle hung on doors as a decoration at Christmas.
  4. scouseland Senior Member

    Thanks for all your answers!

  5. scouseland Senior Member

    You were very helpful. I think it may come from Holy as miss Beth says or just the name of the song rhyming with jolly..is it a popular song?
  6. FromPA

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    Philadelphia area
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    I suppose it was popular at one time. It still gets played regularly at Christmas time, but it's very dated. You can listen to it here:
  7. aurilla Senior Member

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    holly: any tree or shrub of the genus Ilex having red berries and shiny evergreen leaves with prickly edges.


    jolly: a happy party

    "Have a holly, jolly Christmas" significa "Que pases una Navidad llega de bendiciones y festiva"
  8. scouseland Senior Member

    Thank you! Han sido de mucha ayuda.------------

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