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    If Holy Grail is used as an expression, should it be capitalized and does it need quotes around it?
    The sentence is:
    obfuscation is considered to be one of cryptography’s “holy grails”.
    I feel like it should be lower case because we are not dealing here with the title of something but rather an expression. I also think it doesn't need quotes because it is an expression that has become part of the English language.
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    I agree with you, Rivka. As long as you are using "holy grail" as a generic term for something that people are eager to find, I see no need to capitalize it.

    I found both uppercase and lowercase versions of "holy grail" in TMC*:

    The Lost World, creating digital humans of similar believability remains the industry's Holy Grail.

    This was the holy grail of interactive television: true video on demand.

    *Time Magazine Corpus

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