Holy Moly


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hello everybody
I first heard this expression in an American Tv series and I do love the sound of it but what does it mean??
Is it a nice experssion or not? Can some mother tongue explain it to me?
Thx in advance
  • bibliolept

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    It's just an expression of shock or surprise, much like "wow!" or "holy moses" or "holy crap" or, less commonly, "leaping lizards" or "jumping Jehoshaphat" or the like.

    It's not uncommon in AE, especially when reacting to something remarkable in terms of scale, size, or degree.


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    Hello, Lou

    First of all, forum rules specify that posters make a reasonable attempt at resolving questions for themselves. It's not that forum members are stuffy or controlling, it's just to keep down the traffic. In other words, the primary purpose of the forum is to help people and not to be chatty.

    The Internet, used judiciously, is a great research tool.

    Wikipedia has a nice explanation HERE.


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    I have a feeling that it is an alteration to 'Holy Mary!', when one realises at the last minutes that one doesn't want to blaspheme.
    Just like people who say 'sugar!' instead of 'shit!'