home goods store = home improvement store?


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is there a difference between a home goods store and a home improvement store?

Wikipedia calls Home Depot-like places home improvement stores, and google ngrams won't even show anything for "home goods store". Is it just a not-so-widespread synonym for home improvement store?

(Although doesn't it sound more natural in an everyday conversation to say "I got this handsaw from that home goods store" than "I got this handsaw from that home improvement store", maybe because the latter one is a little bit too long?)
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    A home goods store is more likely to have small furnishings, kitchen, bathroom and bedding equipment, etc. A home improvement store implies tools, construction materials and lumber. Home Depot is both, but more the latter.
    You might find home goods under 'housewares'.


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    They've heard of it. :)

    They sell lamps and pillows and sheets and kitchen mixers and things like that. You won't find a saw or a can of paint or a power sander there.

    "I got this handsaw from that hardware store."

    Things like that in the U.S. were always bought from a hardware store in the past. A Home Depot is like a hardware store on steroids. But fundamentally, it's the same idea and many people probably think of it in those terms. Although if you bought the saw at Home Depot, you would probably just say it by name, "I bought it at Home Depot."

    The term "home improvement store" would likely mostly be used in advertising or business discussions. Advertisement: Find it at your local home improvement store. Business: There is a lot of competition in the home improvement store sector.

    Everyone else: I'm going to Home Depot. Do you need anything?
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    I don't think so. They simply coined the trade name HomeGoods. There is no implication that there exists a generic term "home goods store".
    In the US at least, the category "home goods" as a type of goods did pre-exist the stores. I think you're right that the store category "home goods store" is pretty recent. Most home goods would previously have been bought from a department store. A home goods store is more like a department store with no clothing than it is like a home improvement store with no tools. :)
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