"home owner" vs. "homoner"

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    Where have you seen the word "homoner"? Every question should (<- please click) have a source and a context and a sentence where the word is used.
    (The word has an entry in the urban dicitionary but it is not a standard English word)


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    From: Homomers, Enantiomers, Homopolymers, Copolymers & the confusion they caused!
    Homomers vs Homopolymers
    It is understandable why these two terms are causing confusion to the aspirants. But, these belong two very much different areas of Organic Chemistry. Let’s take a look.

    Homopolymers are polymers which are a result of polymerisation between the same compounds. For example Polythene or Poly-ethylene or (CH2CH-)n– is a homopolymer.

    Homomers do not belong to polymerisation. Rather they belong to isomerism. There are times when same compound is represented in two different forms that might lead to believing that the representations are of two different compounds; these two different representations are called homomers.

    (I had to do a Google search)


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    "Home owner" and "homeowner" have the same meaning.

    I don't know the word "homomer" because I am not a chemist.
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