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  1. spydygo Member

    I've buy a t-shirt you say Jesus is my homeboy.I did'nt found homeboy in the dictionnary, so what homeboy mean?
  2. TimeHP

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    I think it means 'Jesus is a friend of mine', 'one of my best friends'.
  3. Homeboy is American slang (I would say African-American originally), and it means a good friend, a cool guy, Australians might say "mate". "Jésus Christ c'est mon meilleur ami"...
  4. Also, just to give you some help in English, I hope you don't mind if I correct your question :).

    I BOUGHT a t-shirt THAT says Jesus is my homeboy. I didn't FIND homeboy in the dictionary, so what DOES homeboy mean.
  5. maxiogee Banned

    You bought a t-shirt with a slogan on it and you didn't know what the message meant? :confused:

    It might have been a rude message. :eek:
  6. I hope you are entusiastically Christian, or you might not want to wear it too much D)
  7. virtdave Senior Member

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    There is some debate about the origin, though less about the meaning of this word. It has been claimed that originally, it meant the partner in a homosexual relationship who stayed at home (the more domestically-oriented partner). Now it seems to mean someone from the same gang, or at least neighborhood.
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    I was once in the airport at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, when I saw a young American boy sporting a T-shirt with the stylized writing of the logo of Coca Cola....but the words were "Come Caca". It was not until I mentioned to the mother that I thought it was rather rude to wear the shirt while still in the Spanish-speaking country that she understood the words on the shirt. She then took the shirt off the kid and pulled out a used shirt from the laundry bag he was carrying for him to wear on the plane.
  9. spydygo Member

    thank you alll
  10. GenJen54

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    I don't know if this is the case. I've seen people wear the shirt as a means of "mocking" Christian evangelicals. People I know have worn it and they are anything BUT "enthusiastically" Christian.

    "Homeboy" started out as a part of African American Vernacular, particularly in urban areas. Homeboys were recognized because they wore similar colors, as did gang members. It wasn't just that this person was a friend, but someone from "back home" (the same neighborhood.)

    Several definitions can also be found HERE.
  11. syntactical New Member

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    OK, I was hoping that someone would give credit where credit is due, but no luck. I noticed that most people are attributing the slang word
    'homeboy' to African Americans, but it was actually originated by Chicanos (Mexican-Americans) as a term meaning a loyal friend and/or someone you grew up with that you really trust (see 'homeboy' in Wikipedia.org). The terms "homie" and "homes" are also used for short. The term homeboy is still widely used in the barrios (neighborhoods) of L.A., as is also evidenced by Homeboy Industries in East L.A., California.
    Some people also believed that Black people (African-Americans) invented the lowrider car, which would also be false. Lowriders originated in East Los Angeles, California as part of the Chicano lifestyle in car-dominated L.A.

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