homeland, motherland, fatherland


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Hi all

homeland, motherland, fatherland

Could you explain in what contexts I should utilize each one of them?
I assume that they refer to different situacions/ contexts

Thanks in advance!
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  • Chris K

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    "Homeland" is a fairly neutral term and the most common. "Fatherland" has associations with Nazism, and "motherland" isn't used that often, as far as I know.


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    None of them are used just very much in everyday speech. Of the three, probably 'homeland' would be the most, then 'motherland'

    In Canada, our national anthem talks of 'our home and native land' :)


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    In the patriotic frenzy that seized the US following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 (which made the panic sown by the televised glimpse of Janet Jackson's pasties pale in comparison), "Homeland" was the word chosen to accompany "Security" in the title of a new government agency with vast police powers, encompassing all previously existing agencies.
    "Fatherland" may have been ruled out for the reason mentioned by Chris K. "Motherland" may have also been considered politically incorrect, but, I would speculate, on grounds of a possible sexist interpretation, if not association with Russia.
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