Homeowner's rent totally offset by fines

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Hello , i have bumped into this fragment of an english short story but still don't without understanding the meaning of the verb offset in this context

The city would still get 15 percent of the rental fee, even if the homeowner’s rent were totally offset by fines.
  • Hermione Golightly

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    "Offset" is in the word reference dictionary. It is both noun and verb and used here as a verb, but the first noun meaning is probably more help to understanding the idea in this short article. A 'short story' means a short work of fiction. This is clearly 'non-fiction' even if the piece has been specially written and this community doesn't exist, so I'd call it an article. 'Compensate' is not the meaning of 'offset' here.
    We need to wait for the link to the source of the sentence.

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