homework: plural?

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  1. deluay

    deluay Senior Member

    TX, USA
    México, Spanish

    Is it correct to say:
    >I'm doing my homeworks.
    >I'm going to do my homeworks.

    Can I use the plural for homework to show that I have several kinds of homework to do?
    Is it common?

  2. SerinusCanaria3075

    SerinusCanaria3075 Senior Member

    United States
    México, D.F. (Spanish)
    Homework solo va en singular, siempre.
    I'm doing my math and science homework.
    Estoy haciendo my tarea de matematicas y ciencia. (Estoy haciendo mis tareas)
  3. argieguy

    argieguy Senior Member

    argentina spanish
    As far as I know homework is an uncountable noun and has no plural.

    I'm doing / I'm going to do my homework
  4. Mzpean55 Senior Member

    Haiti, French
    I have never heard the word homework in the plural form (homeworks). The word I believe is collective. Homework can be one or many.
  5. deluay

    deluay Senior Member

    TX, USA
    México, Spanish
    Thanks a lot to all... :) I appreciate it.
  6. Cracker Jack Senior Member

    Even if you have to do homework in several subjects, it is still called homework. You can say exercises or compositions. But you only say homework.
  7. Fremde

    Fremde New Member

    San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
    Chilean Spanish
    "assignments" would be the word to use referring to more than just one homework...

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