homework", singular or plural?

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    Hi everyone,

    got a little problem: I know the word "homework" is uncountable, but in a passive sentence like "Homework have been made?", would it be "have" or "has"? I think it would be "have", but that would mean it's countable. Or, though uncountable, "homework" is plural???

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    In most cases that I can think of homework(s) with an 's' would sound wierd. It I am sure is used once in a while but I believe in most if not all cases it would be without 's'.
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    It would be "Homework has been DONE" (<-- N.B. not "made").

    Use of the passive voice does not alter the singularity of the mass-noun "(home)work".
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    Thanks a lot!!!! :):):)
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    As I learned English growing up ''Homework'' was always singular. I have heard my children and some of their friends use ''homeworks'', however. In this usage, each homework assignment from a different class or teacher was a separate "homework''. I consider ''homeworks'' to be substandard English, but it's certainly not unknown.

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