Homologado acordo do exercício do poder paternal

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm translating a Portuguese birth certificate. In the averbamentos there is this one:

    Averbamento no. 1:
    "Homologado acordo do exercício do poder paternal, nos termos da decisão" de 6 Novembro de 2003, proferida pela Conservatória em Almada, ficando o registado confiado à mãe."

    What does this mean? I can make sense of the individual phrases but I can't work out the intent of the sentence as a whole.

    Is "o registado" the (male) child himself, or the record of the birth? Does "o poder paternal" refer to the father or to the parents collectively?

    Thanks for any help
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    1 - 'o registado' is the child
    2 - 'acordo do exercício do poder paternal' is the agreement made by and between the parents on the child's custody
    3 - 'poder paternal' is the same as
    'patria potestas', 'paternal power', the authority which is lawfully exercised by the father/mother/parents over his/her/their children. It's called 'paternal' for historical reasons, although in modern times it applies also to the mother or to the parents collectively. In this particular case the paternal power will be exercised by the mother ('ficando o registado confiado à mãe', that is, the child is entrusted to his mother), so the mother is the custodial parent, she has the sole physical custody.
    4- 'homologado' means 'ratified'. Agreements made by and between the parents on the child's custody (usually in divorce proceedings) need to be approved by the judge or by the civil registrar/curator.
    So this sentence is about a birth record on which a side note/an endorsement reads: 'the agreement on the paternal power was ratified according to the ruling by the civil registrar of Almada of November, 6, 2003, the child/the registered being entrusted to his mother'
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    Thank you very much, Carfer. You've been very generous with your expertise and have explained this completely for me - I do appreciate it.


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