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    Moderator note: The discussion of the translation of endearment terms from French to English can be found here: ma belle, ma puce, mon ange, mon cœur, mon amour, ...

    in english we use words like hun, babe, sweetie, darling, hunny, cutie, quite liberally... (generic nick names i guess)..like we call our friends that- same or opposite sex. Its really a term of endearment, but nothing serious.. not somebody that u necessarily love. Is there an equivelent in french? Not cherie- cos i dont think id say that to my (male) friends... (im a girl)
    Spanks muchly!!!!
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  2. Orely New Member

    Hi there, in French I say to my male friends words like: mon petit, mon poulet, ma caille, ma bichette, mon gros, these are words you can say to your male friends, it has friendship connotation but no boyfriend connotation, although you could use some of them to talk to your boyfriend. Hope that it helped ;)
  3. page 70 Senior Member

    French France
    coco, ma poule, bichette, ma belle....
  4. cindarin Member

    English - USA
    wait, you can use feminine forms to describe male friends? ma poule, ma belle, ma bichette?
  5. page 70 Senior Member

    French France
    well, you can say "ma poule" to a male friend, but he has to be a very good friend, someone you know you can joke with ! But you're right, certainly not "ma belle" nor "ma bichette", these only for female friends ! Sorry, it wasnt quite clear...
  6. donques Senior Member

    English England
    Cindarin, I don't want to go off topic here, but you have to remember that if the gender of a word is feminine, it means just that: the noun is feminine, not the subject/object.
    Une vedette, une personne, can be both male or female. Une pomme is neither male nor female.
    Tom Cruise est une vedette.
  7. cindarin Member

    English - USA
    Right, but une poule vs un poulet and belle vs beau do change. Thanks for the reminder!

    Since we are on the topic, are there nicknames only used for female friends? or limited to male friends?
  8. marget Senior Member

    Do women actually say "chéri" to boyfriends or husbands?
  9. MikePatton New Member

    Yes, a woman actually say "chéri" to her husband or her boyfriend, she can say "mon amour" (for her husband), ma puce, mon lapin, mon trésor, mon chou, mon chaton, doudou, bébé, mon ptit loup, loulou...
  10. RuK Senior Member

    Outside Paris
    English/lives France
    Non-sexual endearments for men: mon vieux, mon grand, coco all spring to mind.
  11. DHH New Member

    USA, english
    Fortunately, I stumbled on this forum, since I'm writing a book, and have a scene with French barmaid who first meets main character, she's speaking English, but I'm looking for some type of French nickname that I could use throughout the book, thanks if you respond.
  12. PhilFrance93 Senior Member

    France, français

    Les "petits noms" sont très difficiles à utiliser en français, ils sont souvent très connotés et dénotent souvent de la classe sociale de celui qui les prononce.

    On dit "ma bichette" à sa femme/compagne, "mon biquet" à son homme/compagnon.
    The same for :
    "ma douce" / "mon doux" (mais plutôt quand on en parle à quelqu'un d'autre : "mon doux viendra avec moi")
    "ma belle" (j'aime dire "ma toute belle" à ma fille, mais ça n'est pas d'un français très académique) / rarement "mon beau" (j'aime dire "mon tout beau" à mon fils)
    "chérie" / "chéri"
    "ma chérie" / "mon chéri" -- le "ma"/"mon" est souvent connoté, suivant le contexte, ou il dénote d'une volonté de ré-appropriation ("Mais ma chérie, je t'assure que j'ai descendu les poubelles").
    "mon poussin" / "mon poussin"
    "chérie" / "chéri"
    "minou" (not "minette" ! minette = fille avec une connotion sexuelle) / "minou"
    "mon minou" / "mon minou"
    "ma puce" / "ma puce"
    "pupuce" / -----
    "ma poule" (petit nom un peu vulgaire) / pas "mon poulet" pour un homme (poulet = flic = police man)
    "biquette" / "biquet" - (un peu "France profonde"… On entend ça dans les foires aux vins - où le vin, par ailleurs, est très bon ;-) )
    --- / "mon mignon"
    "mon amour" (surtout après l'extase) / "mon amour" (surtout après l'extase)
    "bébé" / "bébé"
    "mon bébé" / "mon bébé"


    "mon cher" : on le dit à un ami (friend) quand on veut se moquer gentiment de lui ("mais mon cher, je lui ai dit, figure-toi")
    "très cher" (un peu plus raffiné) : idem ("je vous écoute très cher, je vous écoute")

    "mon coco" ou "coco" est très ironique. Il signifie en sous-texte (under-text) qu'on n'a pas de leçon à recevoir de la personne à qui on parle ("eh mon coco, c'était ma place"). On le dit rarement à un ami "à qui on veut du bien".

    "mon gros" / "ma grosse" est très péjoratif

    "chéri" / "chérie", si l'on est très femme-mère, femme-vamp, femme-manthe-religieuse, peut se dire à tous les amis, même au portier. On peut le dire aussi si l'on est photographe, ou créateur… ("chéri, apporte-moi donc mon porte-cigarette)

    Je suis certain qu'il y aurait encore beaucoup à dire !

  13. RuK Senior Member

    Outside Paris
    English/lives France
    The French barmaid could keep calling him maybe "mon grand" or "mon gars". Depends a bit -- if she's in some French village and he's an American, then maybe "mon Américain". Is she flirting? What age are they?
  14. Aranka New Member


    There are also "mon coeur" or "mon ange" that you can use to call your girlfriend/wife or boyfriend/husband but we wouldn't use them for even close friends or only in joke/to ask them a favor ;)
  15. helpy New Member

    What about: "mon pot" - expression française de France qui connote une amitié très proche.
  16. helpy New Member

    Une bel expression pour une fille à un ami masculin serait: petit mec
  17. Ninie Member

    yeah!! lol that is so different here or there...

    in France a girl can call a buddy: "petit mec", "sexy"...
    endearment for someone who you really care about : "lapin", "loulou"...
    when you're close to someone (serious dating) : "bébé", "mon coeur", "mon amour"...

    However "Chéri" (darling) can be use in any context here...
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