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    I ran into this quote in the newspaper, which I assume is a quote from Hebrew "translated" into English somehow.
    Does it invoke some saying in Hebrew? It just doesn't translate well, though I get the meaning. I was wondering if it's based on a saying in Hebrew, and it just came across wrong?

    "Is this a different tactic in which someone has smeared honey on a plastic spoon that will one day turn back into a sharp knife?" wondered Maariv newspaper columnist Shalom Yerushalmi.


    And of course, I don't speak Hebrew, so answers in English are very much appreciated!
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    I can't read Hebrew. So, he literally said the exact same thing in Hebrew? It's just such a "creative", okay, let's go with that :), way to put things, that I assumed it was not translated correctly into English when I read it.

    When I read the saying, I just got a little confused and distracted.

    Thanks, origumi.
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    Yes, it is just Yerushalmi's own turn of phrase. The next sentence continues "Everything looks too good to be real," which (I suppose) is meant to expand and explain this unusual metaphor.
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    Okay. Thanks.

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