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    This is an extract from Wedding Season by Katie Fforde. Two friends are talking to each other.

    'Financially things will be tight, but neither of us wants to wait too long to start a family.'

    ‘Ah!' said Elsa. 'Can I be an honorary aunt?'

    ‘Until your own babies come along, of course,' said Bron generously.

    Would you like to give me the meaning of "honorary aunt"? And why did Bron say that Elsa could be an honorary aunt until her own babies come along? Does that mean she can't be Bron's child honorary aunt anymore? Thanks.
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    Honorary aunt would be someone who is given that title as an honor, rather than being an aunt by blood or legal relationship to a person. Although Elsa could still be an honorary aunt after she has her own child, Bron is being generous in suggesting that Elsa probably won't have enough time then -- she will be too busy with her own family -- so she is (possibly) relieving Elsa of the responsibility of being an aunt once she has her own child to attend to.
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    Thank you for your help, Copryright!

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