Honorifics for a deceased person

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I was wondering what what phrases might be used In Italian when remembering a deceased person, like in English where we might say "in memoriam" (sp?), "in memory of," "rest in peace," and other phrases like that.

Im not necessarily looking for translations of those I already mentioned, just looking for phrase a native Italian might use :)
  • MatteoSamuele

    You can use "in memoria di" or "in ricordo di" if something is dedicated to someone who passed away. Rest in peace can be easily translated as "riposa in pace" and the company that is in charge of organizing the funeral and so on can be called "onoranze funebri" or "pompe funebri".
    When people decide to write something on a deceased person's tomb, that phrase is called "epitaffio" but I have to say that in my family no one ever wanted to have an epitaffio on his/her tomb. Anyway you will may find sentences like "Vi Amerò Dal Cielo Come Vi Ho Amato In Terra" that is "I will love you from heaven as mush as I have loved you on earth".
    Hope I've been useful to you.
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