Honour lies within the lines of virtue

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    Hi! I'm trying to create a motto and inspired by "honor virutis preamium" I came up with this:

    Honour lies within the lines of virtue

    I was hoping someone could help me translate it into Latin, I'd really appreciate it. I'm not sure whether it would need to be changed but if it needed be then: "Honour is written with the lines of virtue" would work as well.

    Thank you!
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    Maybe you could indicate what kind of organisation (family, sports club, political association) the motto is intended for?

    There are already splendid Latin epigrams on similar lines (virtus sola nobilitas, for example), but in any case I am not sure I have understood what "Honour lies within the lines of virtue" means in English.
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    Is it "with" or "within"? Both sound like nonsense to me.
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    The figure, as I understand it is of coloring in an outlined shape: you shouldn't go over the lines prescribed by virtue. Honor will not attach to what you outside those lines / only virtuous acts can bring honor.

    As others have said, we need a fuller explanation in plain language in order to understand the underlying thought and attempt a Latin translation. :)
  5. attunedbio New Member


    Yes! That's the meaning of it. Meaning only inside of the boundaries of virtuous behavior can honor exist/come. Though after some reconsideration maybe it should be "Honor exists (only) within the lines of virtue". It's for personal use.

    Thanks for the replies!
  6. Scholiast

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    Greetings once again.

    Various possibilities (by no means to the exclusion of others):

    per virtutem solam honor - "Honour [is achieved] only through virtue"

    pro virtute sola honor - "Honour...only in proportion to virtue"

    honor virtute sola capessendus - "Honour is to be zealously pursued only through virtue"

    nullus honor sine virtute - "[There is] no honour without virtue"

    virtus honorem definit - "Virtue defines [sets the limits to] honour".

    No doubt others can come up with other suggestions.

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