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    Field and Topic: Mining.

    Sample text: "In addition to the sterility assurances, contamination controls were used during all drilling operations. These included open plates of media distributed at random in the hood, streaking every sterilized crystal face before drilling, and an open plate of medium placed to catch the salt fines produced by the drill bits."

    Could you help me to translate the word in bold, please? Thanks in advance.
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    Hello. You should to see this thread, "Shaker screen", Frida has posted here a link, is a Polytechnic dictionary.
    You'll to find what you want. Please, correct my English, Thanks. A hug.
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    Pero en cuanto a "hood", es una campana que cubre el área de perforación.
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    Hallo. Al parecer es una perforación muy especifíca y libre de contaminación.
    Como dice mi colega de arriba, se refiere a una especie de campana, capó o cubierta que protege el área inmediatamente adyacente a la perforación, algo así como una biosafety bonnet. See you.
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