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Discussion in 'English Only' started by arpit54, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. arpit54 New Member

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    Hey folks,

    Can someone explain me the meaning of the sentence "Go find some hoodoo priest to lay some mojo on me"??

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    Hello arpit. :)

    Our dictionary's definitions of hoodoo and mojo may answer your question.

    If they don't, please tell us something about where you saw or heard this, and explain why the dictionary definitions don't seem to fit the contest. (For a fuller explanation, see Context and Background.)
  3. arpit54 New Member

    India-Hindi & English
    Well,I heard this sentence in TV show "Supernatural" .. When one of the guy was dying his spirit was talking to his brother and said this sentence.
  4. word gumshoe Senior Member

    It is kind of African magical practice.We have voodoo or Joojoo too
  5. arpit54 New Member

    India-Hindi & English
    Still its sound confusing to me...
  6. b3n5p34km4n Member

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    Just think of voodoo as some type of dark magic. Since mojo means a magic spell, I imagine "lay some mojo on me" means "put a spell on me". Maybe the dying man's spirit wants a voodoo priest to put a stop to his dying so that he can keep living? Does this clear up your misunderstanding?
  7. arpit54 New Member

    India-Hindi & English
    Hey b3n5p34km4n

    Thanks for the explanation.It makes sense to me..
  8. sdgraham

    sdgraham Senior Member

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    No, it is not African. See the dictionary.

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