hook her thumb around

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I don't understand the meaning of "hook around" :confused:. Would you help me?
And what would be ride, in this context?

Wishing God It’d get a bit cooler now that the sun’d gone down. If a ride didn’t come along soon she could hook her thumb around, she’d end up walking all the way to the beach. `Caurse it was Marcie's fault, ditchning her so she could go off and make it with that asshole Tim. Well, she didn't give a damn about Marcie, she'd hitch her way up to Myrtle Beach and have a fine time.

Thank you.
  • Trisia

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    From the WR dictionary:
    ride -- a journey in a vehicle driven by someone else
    In here it's probably more of an opportunity to get a ride (a car passing by, perhaps).

    I'm guessing that hooking her thumb around might refer to the specific motion of the thumb that you do when you're trying to hitch a ride.

    Hmmm, let's wait for more answers, shall we? :D


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    "Ride" here refers to hitchhiking, standing by the side of the road, most often with your hand extended in a fist with your thumb sticking up, hoping that a stranger will pick you up and take you to where you're going (or at least part of the way to where you're going).

    The text you singled out is confusing, however. I think that the writer is combining the idea of using a thumb to obtain a ride with the idea of grabbing something (using your finger, or thumb in this case, as a "hook"). Here, she will figuratively use her thumb to catch (or "hook") a ride so that she doesn't have to walk all the way to the beach.


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    Yes, she's hitchhiking, sticking her thumb out in the hope of getting a ride [BE: lift] in a passing car.

    EDIT: Ah yes, you got it, Biblio. It's hooking her thumb around a ride, or 'getting her hands on a ride'. (That [ahem] badly placed soon threw me ~ I would have put it after around).
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