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Hi all, I'd need an explanation as to the expressions standing in red:

Ok, I can hook us up good, here are the details? man.

Someone just called in a favor, lad, big deal, let's get in on this

Thank Y. guyz.
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    Hello and welcome,
    Please start a new thread for your second question. I've changed the title to reflect the subject of your first question. Thanks!


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    Hooking someone up is best thought of as an image - imagine the two things being brought together and physically attached. This is what it means - bringing things together. The reason I'm being quite long-winded about this is that it can mean different things. When you hook someone up with something, you're giving them an opportunity to posess it. When you hook two people up (or more commonly when two people 'hook up') they are forming a relationship.


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    "hook me up with her phone number"
    "hook me up with a piece of that gum"

    in these contexts, it means you are wanting something to be given to you.

    "I'd like to hook up with you later to discuss this further"

    Here, it means you want to meet with the person again.

    "I heard you went out with Jill last night. Did you two hook up?"

    Here it refers to having sex.
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