Hope you arrived home safe and well

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by tullulah, Jul 28, 2005.

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    Myself and my friend have recently been on holiday to Spain and met some Italian guys, we have swapped e-mail addresses but the only thing is I do not speak any Italian at all . It was fine while we were away as one of his friends could speak English quite well but i would now like to send an e-mail to the guy I met. I only want the e-mail to be very basic, something along the lines of:


    Hope you arrived home safe and well, how did the rest of your holiday go? I am upset being home the weather is awful, it has rained non stop since we have been back etc

    I need help, please

    thank you
  2. walnut

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    Hi Tullulah and welcome :)

    I modified your thread's title and made it more specific to let other foreros rapidly identify its contents.

    Ciao, Walnut
  3. Lisa_I Senior Member

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    Here's my attempt, but it may have errors:

    Spero che sia tornato sano e salvo, com'era il resto della vacanza? Sono infelice stare qua, fa brutto tempo. Stava piovendo senza sosta dal giorno del nostro ritorno.
  4. Bibendus New Member


    Non mi diverto affatto qua il tempo è orrido, piove senza sosta da quando siamo tornati.
  5. Lisa_I Senior Member

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    Grazie, suona molto meglio!

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