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Hey guys!
got a text from a girl -friend of mine saying: Hopefully ( I will...I know it's missing!) be able to meet up with you soon when I get back from my trip.

Well, I can get the meaning of hopefully only partially....it should mean something like "I wish I could make it to meet you soon"...

In any case, when you use this adverb in your language, does it have a more positive or a more negative connotation?
I mean, would you get the person wants to meet you and most likely will be able to or all the contrary?
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    Hopefully means something like "I hope I will ....."
    It shows that the person wants something to happen, but there is some doubt about whether it will. (It may be a very small doubt.)

    So she is saying that she would like to and will if she can.

    Our dictionary has a definition of hopefully and a discussion of its use. Some people say that it's not grammatical when used as your friend did, but there is no doubt about its intended meaning.
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