Hoping everything goes well

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  1. Maddi Senior Member

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    I want to say something like "confiando/esperando que todo vaya bien" at the end of an e-mail.

    My attempt: "Hoping everything goes well".

    But I´m not sure. It sounds very literall translation.

    Can you help me, please?

  2. Zeli Senior Member

    UK English
    Yes, that's fine.
  3. Madrid829 Senior Member

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    US English, Great Lakes area
    I know this is a couple days old so you probably sent this email, but for future reference:

    "Hoping/I hope everything goes well" indicates that something specific is going to happen that you hope goes well (a meeting, an exam, a job interview, etc.). Maybe that's what you meant, but if you just meant that you hope things in general are going well (life, family, kids, job, etc.), we would normally say something like, "(I) Hope everything is going well," or "(I) Hope all's well."


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