1. ClimbEveryMountain

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    Murray, KY
    Hola a todos.

    ¿Cómo digo horario normal, cuando se refiere a que la carrera de derecho a la que asistió alguien era de lunes a viernes y no en horarios nocturnos o sabatinos?
    Se me ocurre daily attendance, pero no estoy seguro.

    Agradezco respuesta de nativos, ya que este documento ya a ser revisado por WES en USA.
  2. jedi5384

    jedi5384 Senior Member

    Delaware, USA
    American English
    Si te entiendo bien, se refiere a "normal work week", "typical work week", o simplemente "work week". Quiere decir lunes a viernes, ni por las noches ni los fines de semana. También se puede decir "9 to 5" pero es más informal.

    Espero haberte ayudado.
  3. Txiri

    Txiri Senior Member

    USA English
    it the case that in Colombia a Monday through Friday course schedule
    might be more difficult than evening or weekend classes? I don't
    know if this is true or not here in the USA, but I believe there
    *could be* some intellectual 'snobbery' to that effect, i.e.,
    if you shorten the curriculum or time span, you necessarily have to
    cut out material.

    lot of non-traditional students might attend law school at night. I
    think when this is specified, it is meant to show that in addition to
    working a full-time job, the person also balanced out a successful
    academic pursuit.

    to get back to your question, … no … I don't think we have a
    formal distinction between night or weekend classes and Monday-Friday
    day classes.
  4. Kimwold Member

    Seattle, Wa.
    Mexico, Español
    Estoy de acuerdo con Txiri, lo que pasa es que no hay algo como un "horario normal", nosotros consideramos que es normal, pero a lo que te quieres referir se le llamaría "horario matutino".
    You could say "I attended school in the morning from Monday to Friday". No necesitas especificar que era en "horario normal" pues eso es una concepción nada más, no un concepto.

    I quote "Yrallih" from another thread on "turno matutino":

    "As far as your question - we don't have school shifts like in Mexico, so there isn't a specific word for what you are describing. There are lots of options: "morning students", "morning classes", "morning school", "morning section". Maybe the best would be "morning session". Of course you could use all of these to also describe the afternoon session."

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  5. jedi5384

    jedi5384 Senior Member

    Delaware, USA
    American English
    My mistake, I thought it was referring to a work schedule. In that case I agree with what has been said. I'll add that if someone were talking about taking classes on nights or weekends, they'd probably say "I'm taking night classes" or "weekend classes". Otherwise it would be assumed to be typical Monday to Friday day classes.

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