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How to write the name of this kind of tree in Persian/Arabic letters?

Text: "The inner court is planted with the same trees; horhju they are called."

Source: The Road to Oxiana by Robert Byron
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    It is at it shows in Byron's work, unfortunately.

    The next twenty miles involved repeated crossings of a river in a ravine, whose gradients, or rather the absence of them, showed that a motor can be as good as a mule if driven with enterprise. At half-past three we stopped for the night. A shrine stood near the road, screened by a grove of umbrella-pines, whose sweet smell has reminded me of the Pinetum at Ravenna. How vivid those memories of Italy remain! I might have been a dentist, or a public man, but for that first sight of a larger world. The inner court is planted with the same trees; horhju they are called. At the top of the avenue stands a demure arch, whose tin cupolas flashed us welcome from a distance. This marks the tomb of a Sheikh-al-Islam who was killed—beheaded they say—while fighting the Persians in 1807. His son Abul Kasim erected the shrine, and planted the trees, to his memory.
    The Road to Oxiana

    An interactive website showing an itinerary map and photos of the monuments visited (some of them show trees)