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    Hey! I need a linguistic advice here:

    ust checked that there isn`t officialy a term in English for the Spanish 'hormonarse' which does not appear on dictionaries either but is widely used as in taking hormones. I think I'd like to use hormonize/hormonizing (after it is perfectly clear that we are talking about taking hormones, or undergoing a hormone therapy.

    Now here comes the question: Does hormonizing already stand for something else in slang? Is it already used as such meaning (taking hormones) in familiar speech? Would it be understood? Would it be better to use hormoning process than hormonizing process? THANX Thanks.
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    "hormonizing" would sound very odd to me.
    Hormone therapy or hormonal therapy or hormone replacement or hormone replacement therapy would be typical ways of describing what I think you are describing, depending on the context.
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    Thanks for the answer, Bill Osler. I think you are totally right, I knew the term I was proposing was non existent, but i thought there was a comunicational need to create it, or use it in order to broaden the vocabulary on this subject... but thinking about it, there is no such term for 'drogarse' (taking drugs) or medicarse (to take medicines) so I guess, I was wrong ;)
    I ll just use hormone therapy

    hmm, still wishing the term would exist! how about 'hormoning' process? would it work? therapy does involve a certain regularity, etc. and that is not what is meant! :)) thanks again
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    Depending on context, "medicate" might be usable for "medicar". There are a lot of possibilities for translating "drogarse" depending on context.
    I think a listener might understand what you mean if you were to say "hormoning" but I have not been able to think of a context in which it would sound natural. It would probably be best to avoid it.
  5. LVRBC Senior Member

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    Hormonize is not English. Neither is hormonizing process. They are not comprehensible.
  6. miss_solar New Member

    THank you ever so much to both of you!

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