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Bonjour tout le monde!
Etant toujours affairé à traduire mes phrases du jeu vidéo Quake III, mes demandes à vous adresser s'accumulent mais je manque malheureusement de temps pour passer régulièrement sur ce site.
Cette fois-ci, c'est un petit clin d'oeil adressé aux canadiens, mais pas forcément très plaisant (!) qui me gêne particulièrement. En effet, j'ai fait quelques recherches sur l'emploi et la possible signification du mot hoser, et j'ai cru comprendre que c'était une petite insulte faite aux Canadiens par les Américains... et je me demandais s'il y avait une traduction française pour ce hoser où s'il fallait laisser ce mot tel quel. Qu'en pensez-vous?
Le contexte reste assez évasif et général, le mot hoser apparaît tout seul, sans être introduit dans une phrase quelconque. Il survient lorsqu'un joueur utilise l'un des mots suivants: "canada", "canadian", "canadians", "ontario", "quebec", "toronto", "vancouver", "british columbia" et "montreal" dans l'une de ses phrases. En guise de réponse, un autre joueur peut lui répondre 'Hoser.' ainsi que plusieurs autres phrases, toujours ayant un plus ou moins évident rapport avec le Canada:

'In my experience, Canadians are more effiminate than Americans.'
'The Great White North!'
'Canada? Brrr!'
'No way, Canada, eh?'
'Is it snowing in Canada?'
'All the good bands are from Canada!'

Merci beaucoup pour votre aide...
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    Hi Quqke 3,

    I live in Canada (but in French Canada) and I've never heard this term! But I looked on Wikipedia and it is explained:


    Today, the word hoser evokes - sometimes sympathetically, with gentle ribbing, and sometimes negatively - a stereotypical Canadian male, typically lower to middle class, white and English Canadian. He is especially concerned with drinking beer and watching hockey.


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    Thanks Floise. I had already seen your link, which sums up quite accurately the meaning of hoser. But I'm afraid there's no such equivalent in French. And there is the rub! How could I possibly translate such a word into French?
    But once again, thank you very much for your help.


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    Canada anglais
    This is going back a few years, but it was the characters "Bob and Doug MacKenzie" played by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas on the satirical comedy series SCTV who introduced the word "hoser" to a larger audience. In their skits they exaggerated a stereotype that some Americans supposedly held about certain Canadian men as "hosers," oafish, beer-drinking, back-bacon eating fellows who wore toques and had limited interests.

    Perhaps the words "rustre" "lourdaud" "mufle" suggest the meaning of "hoser"?

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    I believe indeed those French words do! However, hoser is now directly linked with Canadians. A "rustre" or the likes do convey the same idea but in the French people's mind, those words have no connection with Canadians whatsoever. And this is precisely why I'm so at pains to find a proper translation!
    But I really do appreciate your help Catay! Thanks!