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Hi there,

I'm working on the translation of a brochure for health care providers about an interoperability system. A system to make it easy for health care providers to have access to patient information from several devices. I.e., they would not have to go to one computer to get the patient's history, and then wait for somebody else to send MRIs or so, but instead they would have easy and quick access from any connected device.

At one point, they mention the following:

- Interface design services for using your hospital broker
- Interfacing services that make the most of your existing infrastructure: Interface design services using a hospital broker
- We offer advanced integration support to help you keep your systems running smoothly using [the name of the system] or your hospital broker.

With these examples, it seems to me that "broker" in this case, refers to the IT system the hospital currently uses. Am I understanding this correctly? Per context, it really does not seem to refer to something else, but I am not sure "broker" can be used with this meaning.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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    Hospital broker es un agente o corredor de hospital. Gente que te ofrece asesoramiento personalizado sobre cobertura de salud.


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    En el contexto dado, lo apuntado por tula (#2) parece lo más ajustado.

    IB (Integration Broker)

    Also called an interface engine or a message broker, an IB is a third-party intermediary that facilitates interactions between applications. IBs minimally provide message transformation and routing services. They mostly communicate program to program; they integrate previously independent applications at the application-logic level of the software design.
    An assembly of electronic circuits contained on a single piece of semiconductor material.

    A la hora de traducir, no estoy seguro pero diría que herramienta (o software; o interfaz) de integración tal vez pudieran funcionar, aunque me temo que necesitamos a un informático aquí.