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  1. lovetotravel17a New Member

    is this a specialist hospital, please?
    Context: an Endocrinologist speaking about specialist surgery, as follows:
    “Si la resección no es adecuada, lo envías al cirujano especializado en tiroides del hospital de referencia más cercano”
  2. ainaaina Member

    Spanish / Spain
    Sorry, not sure about "hospital de referencia", but the accurate term in Spanish to talk about sending a patient from a doctor to another (i.e. GP to specialist") is "derivar".
    In addition to this, if it is like a guidance for doctors I would use the "usted" treatment

    "Si la resección no es adecuada, derive al paciente (or "derívelo") al cirujano...."
  3. pildorilla Member

    Spanish (Spain)

    El hospital de referencia es, de todos los hospitales de la red, el que corresponde al centro de atención primaria. Varios centro de primaria van a derivar a sus pacientes siempre al mismo hospital de referencia. además según la especialidad médica puede que sea diferente el hospital de referencia (uno para endocrinología, otro para cardiología...) Desconozco el término en inglés, lo siento, pero espero que esto ayude.
  4. lovetotravel17a New Member

    Thank you both very much for your comments (ainaaina, thanks for the 'derivar' tip - I was actually quoting directly from a rather informal Endocrinologist!).
    I now understand how a 'hospital de referencia' operates (thanks, pildorilla), but am yet to find the precise English equivalent term. I'll attempt to post the reply after consulting medical contacts in the UK.
  5. lovetotravel17a New Member

    A medical contact has come up with this:
    "Its called a referral hospital - we don't really have an exact equivalent in UK as all hospitals are referral hospitals we have sort of got rid of the level below which would be something like a district hospital, but the phrase still has meaning to signify a hospital where specialists practise"
    Hope it helps any future confusion!
  6. humboldtpark New Member

    English -US
    A hospital with multiple specialties is often called a tertiary care center. This term would be recognized by those within the medical profession but would probably not be understood by the general population. This would apply to the US. I am not sure about other English speaking countries. The referring hospital is generally a community hospital.

    If you were speaking to the patient I would probably call it a referral hospital, although that isn't a term we commonly use in the US but it should be understood by the patient; however, if you were speaking to a medical professional I would probably call it a tertiary care hospital.
  7. lovetotravel17a New Member

    thank you - good to have it covered off for the USA as well!

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