"host" and "accommodate"


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As of 2009, the street is being redeveloped to host valuable and important condominiums. Recently, developments have extended the street north to accommodate new high-rise condominiums, such as One Museum Park, along Roosevelt Road (12th Street).
Where, "condominiums" should be a flat or a house provided for somebody to live in. How can "condominiums" act as the object of "host" and "accommodate" ? Then what do "host" and "accommodate" mean there?

Context: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prairie_Avenue
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    I'm a student.
    Host means basically "to receive [guests]" and this is the idea here: to receive, to take in. "the street is being ... to receive ... condominiums" or "...is being redeveloped ... so that condominiums are built...".
    The same happens to "accommodate" that basically means "to provide lodging".
    Actually, "host", "accommodate" and "receive" are easily found as synonyms in many dictionaries.
    As most of the words do, these ones can be used in a variety of circumstances. In this case, with unanimated things.
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