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Is any of the staff at a cafe called a "host"?

Is the person who welcomes customers right at the entrance and receives calls and take reservations exclusively called "a host"? (not the waiter/waitress.)

Thank you.
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    In a British cafés we certainly don't have a host. Some don't even have a waiter/waitress.

    If the topic were about restaurants then obviously that would be a different matter.:) It's only high-class ones that have such a person, but he/she is not considered to be 'a host/hostess'.

    In a pub, the landlord is often referred to as 'Mine host.' Strange term, somewhat archaic I would imagine.


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    Thank you Greyfriar. I wonder if it could be the BE/AE difference.

    I found a thread on a different topic and it is in a restaurant, not a cafe, but the word "hostess" is used in it by AE speakers.
    I wonder if "host" is used for it, sometimes...

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    I think AmE host(ess) is the equivalent of BrE maitre d' (head waiter, steward).


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    I think AmE host(ess) is the equivalent of BrE maitre d' (head waiter, steward).
    For me, it may not be true for all AE speakers but a host/ hostess greets people as they enter a casual restaurant. A maitre d' or head waiter is in charge of an elegant restaurant. Steward is a bit out-dated.


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    There are plenty of hostesses in UK nightclubs. These are not the 'meet and greet' type however. They are girls who hang around males in the club and get them to buy expensive drinks for them. They are employed by the club for this purpose, to boost profits.


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    If you're thinking of a "café" as defined by the WRD, there is no such person in the U.S. .... and they certainly don't take "reservations."

    Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

    café /ˈkæfeɪ; ˈkæfɪ/n
    • a small or inexpensive restaurant or coffee bar, serving light meals and refreshments

    ... or dd you have some other sort of eatery in mind?
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