hostess' day?

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Dior's[*Christan Dior] premises[*dressmaking house] were grand but busy, with much va-et-vient, like a big salon on one of the hostess' "days." Dior himself, affable and gregarious, could be seen roaming about, wearing a white overall over his well-cut Savile Row suit.

What kind of the "day" is the hostess' "day?" Is it a "birthday?"
  • JamesM

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    I'm not sure what it is, but I'm fairly sure that it is not a birthday. From the context I would say that it's a day where a hostess throws a party or some kind of an event in a grand salon. I googled to find any information on this and couldn't find any details. There were a few references to "hostess' day" at various clubs, but nothing that defined it.


    In times past "society" was "led" by groups of people. There being no established meeting places where one could entertain a crowd of disparate people, certain people, often women, would open their house to groups of like-minded friends, where debate, philosophising and speculation could be entered into. These were known as "salons" and were presided over by a host or hostess.

    The phrase like a big salon on one of the hostess' "days." refers to one of the days when a hostess entertained. The people didn't all stay all day - they came and went, depending on who was there and what the conversation was like, and they had other salons to look in on. Eventually places like coffee-houses began to replace the salons.
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