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"When you're shopping for the carrots, don't forget to stop at the Hostess display".

Does "hostess display" here means not so healthy foods? Thanks.
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    "People may want to be healthy, but in times of stress, they need something else. When it's between want and need, need wins. So, when you're shopping for the carrots they [crew] insisted on having, don't forget to stop at the Hostess display."

    Book: What They Don't Teach You at Film School (Camille Landau and Tiare White)


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    Notice the capital H in Hostess. It's a brand name. Hostess is the brand name for snack foods (mostly frosted and/or cream-filled cakes) such as Twinkies, Ho-Hos, Zingers, etc.

    A display rack in a store:
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