hot and brakes

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Does anybody know what phrase "hot and brakes" means?

It is said by a guy who is about to fly a plane (the old one, with a propeller). Here is the dialogue:

"Give me a prop, will you?"
"Yep. What do you want?"
"Hot and brakes. Pull it slow. The impulse will take it right out of your hand."

I also found a movie script with such a line (also said of a plane) - Make her hot, hot and brakes.

Explain or rephrase it.

Thank you!
  • Lexiphile

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    This seems to refer to one of the several ways of starting the engine of a propeller-plane by turning the propeller by hand.

    Unfortunately, even I am too young to know the details, but I do know that there were several different techniques. I suspect "hot and brakes" was one of them.
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